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“A new law enacted in 2005 for all Pennsylvania equine farm operators and owners now protects such persons from lawsuits. This is an incredible protection from frivolous lawsuits. Click hear to read the entire law. In order to be protected parties must follow certain requirements such as posting rules and using certain language within your contracts. Print out the law and discuss this with your lawyer.”




Our Insurance Offerings

Whether you are a full time equestrian center owner/operator, independent trainer/instructor or a private horse farm owner - we have a product designed for you!

Our product offerings include coverage such as:

  1. Farm property; including homes, barns, indoors, equipment, tack and supplies.
  2. Farm and commercial liability covering your farm premises, commercial equine  activities and other business activities such as feed supply, tack sales, farrier service, summer camps for children and concession sales during shows.
  3. Livestock Care Custody and Control including transportation.
  4. Auto insurance.
  5. Workers Compensation (Limited to certain States).
  6. Commercial and Farm Umbrella/Excess liability to adequately insure our high net worth clientele. 
  7. Personal life.
  8. Personal Disability.
  9. Personal Health.

In addition to standard insurance our insurance packages can include some unique coverage’s that you might not have or were not aware even existed.

            1. Ordinance and law option. Standard insurance only pays for items that were damaged at time of loss NOT for items for building modification required for code.
This option pays the cost to rebuild a building to code. Some common items that would need to be added are; fire escapes, fire alarms, fire rated walls, certain structural changes (an example would be your indoor was constructed of wood frame but needs to be rebuilt of steel due to it size and current building code) and any items such as ground faulted wiring.

            2. Business Income. Clients always insure what they can see such as buildings and equipment for their market value or replacement value. But they usually don’t insure what they can’t see. Ever consider the financial impact you would have if you could not operate your business because you’re indoor arena or equipment was not there! Or if you had to ask boarders to take their horse to another farm because of a fire to your stables! The income loss and any extra business expense can be easily, and affordably, insured.

            3. Sump pump overflow or water backup. Again standard insurance does not cover backing up of drains.

            4. Earthquake

            5. Replacement cost of farm machinery. Will your existing insurance deduct depreciation from a claim to equipment or will they buy you new?

These and many more options could be available; all you need is an agent that understands how they apply to your type of business!



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